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Use a North American part then. MPSA18 might work if the collector voltage is high enough, that's off the top of my head. There are other low noise US transistor types.

Polystyrene is a better capacitor type, or NP0 ceramic than Mylar. So if you find iffy capacitors, change to those types. Polypropylene in the higher capacitance values.
Collector V is high enough, but Pc isn't (total wattage) Tj, is lower also,,, I crossed pins and used KSC1515s, but it still has the same uneven output,,,
I'm going to make a chart with all the remaining parts. and test the caps and resistors that are left on the board,,, The Collector Voltages(7.2v) are way too high on both TR602(13.4v) and TR604(19.3v),,, The B+(21.5V) resistors feeding those TRs read in value 6.8k,,, so something is messing with this ckt,,, I just gotta keep searching!!!!
Thanks again!
Thanks,,, My eyesight is hindering me,, meeting Dr to look into an operation next month!!
I'm not going to mess with the FM/MPX til my buddy has time... Nothing good can happen working on an ancient MPX system without the right tools and knowledge!!!!
I appreciate the help getting this far tho!!!!
That's the plan!!!! I been watching all the Sansui MPX videos I can find,,, and this one is not like the rest of them,,, I guess there's a reason it was being discarded!!!!! Its supposedly a somewhat rare, very close to origina/first? Sansui SS receivers,,, Not much info out there on this guy,,,, That's why I keep thanking anyone who offered help so far!!!!
I'm still following with great interest, but I can't beat anatech when it comes to measuring. ;)
Thanks Hugo,,, hope its at least entertaining you!!!! Its sometimes frustrating to me!!!!!
The modes that work sound very good tho!! I've been playing Phono and AUX/CDP modes a lot lately,, I have a nice cassette player I may add to the mix!!!
I'm very glad to have both of you responding!!!!!
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