Sansui 350 Receiver

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Hello All

I recently bought a Sansui 350 receiver which was in an incredibly dirty state and none of the illumination worked. After many hours of work, I got it in a fairly presentable state. Work done included fitting a new power cord, replaced all dial lamps, thoroughly cleaned all switches, potentiometers and other controls by WD40 and contact cleaner (all residue either vacced out or blown out by airline), cleaned casework, cleaned dial and made new foam gasket for it, vacced and blown out tuning capacitor, replaced all fuses with correct values and numerous other jobs requiring attention.

When all was done, I plugged it into our 220V ac through a 100W lightbulb with loading resistors at the speaker connectors and kept it connected foir about 8 hours.

On connecting a pr of speakers and connecting to 220V, there was no drama or smoke but I hear a kind of soft 'rustling' or 'crackling' through the speakers on both channels.

I had hoped the problem would go away but it has actually increased. At the beginning, the cracling was intermittent with long periods when i heard nothing but as the hours piled-up, crackling is almost continuous.

A few days ago, I tried the phono where I have the same problem. Something is kaput or going kaput but where? I did a very thorough cleaning job with all the controls but could these still be dirty? there are no snaps or crackles when these are operated.

Do you think the problem could be capacitor related, or where else could I test or have a look?

Thanks for your advice.


PS the 317 11 integrated shown above the 350 receiver was bought at the same time and was equally dirty. Similar work was done on the amp and here I have no problems at all.


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I know this a supper old thread but I am working on cleaning one up for a friend an might recap as well, etc....this unit has those noisy transistors or ones known to cause a lot of the problems you describe...they are the 2SC458 transistors....I believe the substitutes are KSC1845 and/or 2SC2240
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