Sanken Transistor

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Sanken transistors

Are you looking at the car amp published in the Elektor? These parts are already out of production. I suppose you can try the 2SC5200 and 2SA1943 pair which are quite good. If you really want to use the Sanken pairs and can't find them, I believe I do have a few spare pieces of each. Let me know I can check how much I paid for them and you can have them at cost plus postage.

Sanken Transistors


Sorry! I don't have that many. By the way, what power are you looking at? These transistors are rated at 200W each! I suggest you serioulsy consider the other Toshiba pair that I've mentioned earlier. These are updated 2SA1302/2SC3281s. I've tried substituting these for the Sankens before and they worked just as well.

Hope this helps.

This is a very powerfull sub-amplifier. It should be capable of 900w RMS into 2ohm's.

I found the Thoshiba transistors at very cheap. But the 2SA1943 was not avail. for ordering. Do you know where I could buy them?

One other thing. Do you know where I can get a Double Sided PCB with the timensions of 100 x 530 mm made. If it was singlesided I could etch it myself, but not doublesided.

Any sugestions would do the trick.

Double sided PCB's


It's really no problem to make double sided PCB's yourself.

Just get some doublesided photopcb (From farnell) and make two prints on transparent "paper" (Top and Bottom) on a laserprinter.

Make an L shape from something 1.6 mm thick, and alaign the prints on top of eachother. Stick the prints on the L shape on each side of the L, an place the PCB in the corner, (Make sure it's inn the corner) Light one side.

Turn PCB over and light the other side.

Develop the PCB's and each them

Drill and solder

This is how I make my PCB's (Can't afford anything else :bawling: )

Making PCB's


Is it not possible to split the thing up into smaller bits? I mean this way you don't have to redo the hole thing if there is an error in the layout. It's what I have done in my current project.



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Large boards

Well actually to make prints, the best results that amateurs get are from transparent film from inkjet printers.

Thus if you can get continous special inkjet transparency, you can do it with an inkjet. The only problem is that you will likely get matching issues from start side to end side at such long lengths.

Plotters can also work

You should also be able to merge two films together and touch up the resulting films.

Any pro shop can make prints that size, just be prepared to pay as it will unlikely be cheap unless you become friends with someone in the pcb shop.

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