Sanken 2SC2922 amp Schematic?

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Rolf Gemein favors Toshiba for a long time.
After the traditional numbers are no longer available he uses the Toshiba 2SA1943/2SC5200 for his RG series amplifiers, uses Toshiba's for the drivers too.

Rolf Gemein puts a lot of emphasis on hardware.
He is one of the few who has been wrapping toroid transformers in MU shielding, right from the start, which makes his amps pretty expensive,imo.
And separated PS supplies, apart from that no real exotic parts, the clamps for the electrolytic PS capacitors in his amplifiers are more expensive than the BH caps they hold.

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The devices of the SA1600


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Pictures of the Symphonic Line RG 10.
In a 2003 article i read that RG uses these devices only in all of his models.

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sajti said:

SA has some nice amplifiers. I used some of them.

2SA1494/2SC3858s are very good transistors. I made 4 amplifier moduls with them. Good sounding, and very reliable. I prefer them over the 5200/1943 pair


No doubt very good. Rated at 200vce but do not use above 80vdc per rail... they blow fast .

Anyone know about the Sanken DAT1521 devices? they are used in Kenwood power amps with +/-92vdc rails. I have blown many 2sa1295's in tha amplifier but the DAT1521 is very solid. Same MT200 type like the 1492/3858 but dual die with beceb instead of bce.
In the picture i posted of the SA1600 you can see the SK146 matched double fet for the entrance of the amplifier.
imo, that is still one of the best, if not the, matched pair you can use.
unfortunately its no longer produced for a long time, the ones that still have a number of them charge ridiculous prices for the device.

The SA1600 used 6 devices on 45v and another 6 for 95 volt rails, but it did go protect mode rather fast.
Really fast amplifier, based on Ottala TIM stuff.
First amplifier that made me understand something other than class A or AB, PA amplifiers need not sound bad.
I was just able to open up pdf's again and looked at the Mospec datasheets.
Besides the TO247 package i cant see any advantage in using these instead of the original Sankens.
SOA of the Mospecs are no better, bandwidth however is only 1/4th at 10MHz.

imo, the ticket for the Leach is speed.
For a Leach amplifier to drive a subwoofer using Mospec's is an option, but why bother if they are difficult to trace ?
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I'll do anything to get Jens to do a main voltage gain board and separate power boards that hold the Big Sanken's.
I have 24 Sanken's and spares waiting on the shelf to do life on Super Leach boards.

Otherwise i'll have to cut the output section off Jens's Leach and make output boards myself.
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