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Salas shunt PSUs, Ciuffoli's DAC and I/V boards

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We have had good experiences with boards designed by Andrea and Salas, and laid out/printed by Quanghao. The shunt PSUs, DAC and tube I/V threads have gone for over a year and got highest entry rates with massive orders, links to


I recently talked to Quanghao and knew that he's now focused in developing new products, like balanced circuitry for preamp, and very busy. Then I raised wonder on about the matured products which were best welcome by DIYers in the Forum. He said he may think about freeing those back to the non-commercial GB as the cost of design, critical testing and production set-up are amortized. Then members will enjoy lower bills.

For continuous proliferation of these great designs, I start this thread. If you all see this is of interest and good for, I'll talk further to Quanghao on the price, expectedly around 20-30% reduced.

Quanghao, Andrea and Salas, your comments are welcome here, as well.
Hi Vancao....I will support you. This plan gonna be cool when you develop new board design for DAC ASH (or DAC END) with quanghao's new layout as stated above
Thanks, Tyo94.

In this thread, I actually help release Quanghao from logistics messes in taking orders, contracting production, handling packing & sending, tracking deliveries, etc. which have driven lots of members hot. Then I suggest him a free DIYer's help to organize these then he could be better staying focused at drawing board and test bench for new products.

Re. your question, I think Quanghao will agree GB to take latest version of the available boards. Let's check up his previous threads for more info on progresses.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.