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Salas Reflektor D regulator set specially made for 4-pin Mundorf capacitors

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Hi, I am a big fan of Salas's Reflektor D regulator. Particularly I love it with 4-pin Mundorf cap (C2, 1000uf) for filtering the LED's and therefore printed a version of PCB's two years back to accommodate the relatively large 4-pin cap. I checked my drawers recently and found a few PCB's left, partially populated, and together with neccesary LED's and transistors, especially the hard to find 2SK117GR. Therefore I am offering them for sale. I have asked Salas and he is fine with selling a few leftovers.

Each set comes with raw power supply (rectifying bridge and CLC or CRC filter) and four MSRF860G rectifiers which is a very popular choice. I will also throw in some insulators and heatsink for testing purpose -- it might be a better idea to use the chasis as heatsink unless the current is low. You will need to source the R1 resistor, 4-pin Mundorf cap, and the common mode choke (I used Bourns 7121-RC, but you can choose anything with similar spec or two resistors as replacement), and capacitors for CLC filtering.

I also need to mention that this is a version with JFET modification, which replace the R6 resistors with another JFET (117GR in J2) to help stablize the current.

The attached photo shows the complete content of each regulator set. Price is USD40 for each set, pretty much at cost. Fixed shipping fee at USD15. Matching pairs are possible since I have measured the IDSS and transductance for all 117GR's.


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.