Safety of Use Question or Repair Tip - Denon AVR-S700W

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Can anyone offer if the situation described below is safe for use, the repair needed, or steps to provide the information required to make that determination?

I received a Denon AVR-S700W with a faulty HDMI output from a lighting strike.
I have been using the amp function without any obvious issue.
I apparently overheated it with a new speaker (2.5" & 12" drivers) and it went into protection mode, clicking and showing red/green on the power LED.

After it cooled down, it still clicked, but the red light wasn't coming until I pressed the button.
So I opened it up to look for any obvious burnt components/leaking capacitors and identify the clicking presumably relay at the lower end of the power in board closest to the rear of the unit.
I haven't found schematics or the service manual yet, but will keep looking.

I planned on using a wood stick to lightly touch the suspected relay (outlined in red) to verify.
Touching it caused it to stop clicking and the AVR booted up normally.

I have been using it as a spare amp for my introduction to speaker experiments, so once I figured out how to get to pure direct and out of set-up mode I have not been too bothered by the lack of HMDI.