Safety issues of fumes from burning silicone grease.

I would like to ask whether smoke from burning silicone grease is toxic or in any way dangerous to health.

Today, I modified a soldering iron which had a stuck soldering bit. I sawed the exposed part of the soldering bit and fixed a brass imitation of the part I sawed off. To help heat conduction I used silicone grease between the remainder of the original bit and the imitation part I made. However, when power was applied, the silicone grease started to burn with an extremely pungent smoke.

I would like to ask whether this kind of smoke is dangerous? I know that some elements/compounds are extremely damaging to health, even if contact is for a few moments.

Is it all right to use brass as a material for soldering bits?

Thanks for all your replies.


2018-04-17 6:50 pm
Brass has thermal resistivity about 4 times that of copper.

If the length of the brass tip is the same as the length of the copper tip, it would have to be 2 times the diameter to have the same effect.
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