Safety caps for psu

Hi Thanks for reading Is it okay to use safety capacitors ceramic x y type, in an amp power supply, in place of small film or aluminium electrolytic.
How do you think this may affect the psu
Also, i'm getting some dc on the mains which is causing my toroid to buzz, are there any transformer types that are not so affected by dc mains ofset
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Ceramic types maybe used in place of small capacitors but larger values may not have good energy density.

The average flux in any kind of transformer is never equal to zero, due to retentivity of the magnetic core and the voltage asymmetry due to random turn on turn off moments. However, this is a side-effect of magnetisation and not usually a problem.

Some people prefer to turn-on their equipment at a zero-crossing of the voltage and turn them off at the zero-crossing of the current, but I'm not sure if that would help.
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