you said your PSU was +-77Vdc.
Under what operating conditions do you measure +-77Vdc?

Are there any normal or even exceptional operating conditions where the measured PSU voltage is not = +-77Vdc.

A 230:40+40Vac transformer gives ~+-59Vdc when fed with 240Vac and loaded with the bias current of two ClassAB amplifiers.
If mains voltage rises or falls then PSU voltage varies.
If one amp is off then the voltage rises on the other amp.

For worst case conditions I think 48+48Vac is too high for 140Vce0 devices.
41Vac gives a worst case in the UK of about +-63Vdc

You might get away with 44+44Vac, but you should check for worst case before committing to purchasing.


2005-09-27 7:42 am
The supply mains voltage in South Africa is 220v. If i take the Vceo of 140 v less 10% of 140 divided by 2 gives a safe operating voltage of 63 volts. The transformer output of 48 v at 220v gives a dc output of 67 volts. Now as you rightly pointed out, this is an unloaded measurement. If the amps are connected the supply should drop. But to be on the safe side i will take your advice and use a 46/0/46 which should give an output of be64 vols unloaded.


2010-06-09 2:32 pm
Yeah, AndrewT's point must not be discounted. I live in the land of -6% +10% (216-253V, 230V nominal), the benefit is that I'm actually told that the power should meet that spec - not always the case for every country.

You can push the limits for personal use but just don't be surprised if the occasional smoke release occurs. Perhaps some sort of over-voltage shutdown should be included.