SAE E1500 amplifier

Anyone know much about these? They look like being pretty good bang for buck on paper: 2 * 2500RMS into 4ohm (would power 4 of my subs nicely).
Class D but with a big old toroidal transformer to bolster the power supply. Currently on sale at £600 quid.

There doesn't seem to be much about them on the net, which may not bode well.


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2007-06-10 12:41 pm
No experience of either but this is another option that's much lighter weight and four channel, the signal to noise ratio spec is 27dB better as well:
Soundgear - Speakers - Amplifiers - DSP

That's also the price of two inuke/nx 6000 which gives more may give more total power (depending on what impedance your subs are) and redundancy.
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Hmm, good shout. I've seen this brand mentioned before. The Saturn 10 would actually solve most of my current problems / desires. That alone could run all 4 current subs (1k rms each, 8ohms, currently driven in pairs bridged by 2 amps) and the additional 2 / 4 I plan to add in the next month or two.

This means my better quality amps can be moved up to drive the mid base / tops instead, and I'll have 2 spare amps to hand in case something goes down.

Edit: I have 2 Inuke 3000s but for some reason they don't particularly like running a pair of subs bridged. When driven fairly hard they go into protect mode intermittently. This is possibly because the drivers impedance drops to about 6ohms on certain frequencies. They are quite happy doing a single one (8ohm) but not a pair (4ohm). I wondered if Id have the same problems with a 6000 running a pair on each channel.

To be honest the Ecler DPA 2000s which I currently use to drive pairs sounds way better than the iNuke anyway. Deeper, more punchy and just more controlled bass. They are really nice sounding amps actually which is why I have been on the look out for more, but without success (otherwise they are available new at about 1500 a piece).
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