Sacred geometry snake oil?

wtf is this? I guess if you divide nunbers like the reciprocal of the sqr root of 3 squared (.333333) into 345.6 m/sec you can come up with a bunch of ‘ pi’ like numbers (radians for degrees on a circle , or sine wave, or these other geometrically significant triangle coincidences.. just like 22/7 or 11/7, 5.5/7 , 2.5/7 etc are ‘close’ .


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Well, if we go with Steve Deckert of Decware, the sexagesimal number system was 'given to humanity by ancient extraterrestials, or perhaps God', and the suppression of 432Hz (news to me too) can 'only be the demonic actions of a shadow government'.

Yeah, this kind of crazy talk ruins it for me. I dont know what to make of it?


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We're back to Gold Tooth and King Willie (Predator 2) I fear:

'King Willie says, not only do I have to kill you, I have to take your soul. Voodoo magic. F#[{ing voodoo magic man!' [cue highly dodgy laugh].

More prosaically, and generally, I'd say that with any given number base system, if you look long and hard enough for patterns (sometimes not even very long or hard ;) ) you're going to find them.
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There are many math paths you might take….
Or perhaps the ‘NASA’ presentation video about Mars monument, tetrahedral geometry (directly connected to sacred geometry) crop circles and earth energy grids

Once underground hidden concepts, beliefs and bs ancient aliens and the like have made these evening tea entertainment

Still I seriously doubt a human speaks math well enough to be sure it’s all bs, after all archeologists do no math and they don’t know schiit
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There are enough references in ancient Hindu treatises about mathematical relationships to physical objects to do several PhD.s about.
Translations are available, not all are accurate.
I am from India, there may be other civilizations with similar matter, I am not familiar with those, only purpose was to point out that this an ancient topic of interest to mankind. Nothing religious about it.

The outward spiral is also the track of a CD track, and the record groove is an inward spiral.
For real entertainment, Charles Berlitz and Erich von (van?) Daniken are worth the read, their speculations will give you something to think about, or laugh, depends on your own nature.

As a selling spiel, well. there are so many that one more is a bit boring.
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Snake oil ?

Not Really.

We all have a Love for Music which brought us to the Audio Hobby.

Pretty much what the Western Music Scale is based on.
And likely majority of the music you have listened too most your life.

Any music theory student knows Pythagorean Comma and Circle of Fifths
even Tempered Fifths or the perfect Circle.

Traditional Architecture and Music have used the Ratio for a Very long time.
And many Early Classical Compositions not only use the Notes but complete
compositions and bar lengths of musical passages are based on the Ratio.

Higher tunings is a well known Military tradition for Marches.
Any actual artist or civilian trying to sing or compose to a more natural
tuning has to Detune.

You can more easily memorize or lay out better sounding passages
using the " Kings" notes. Using circle of fifths. It is a way to find more
pleasant passages in such a limited mundane set of notes.
Being a majority of the original Greek scales at one time were " Forbidden"
and only 2 were used for " The King"
The names conveniently changed and the tunings modified higher and higher
for his majesty's marches
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Their is probably at least 10 different names.
None of them bother me.
Wanting to constantly create division and argue
over the same thing. Is a product of mass media
encouraging such time wasting behavior.

I use a " Fork" everyday.
Stupid name... dont care.
If all are dirty I just use a spoon.
Forget to pack any of them. Use my hands
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Traditional Architecture and Music have used the Ratio for a Very long time.

Not just that. Biology patterns, like say a cauliflower, are rife with the fibonacci series, so much so that scientists seem to have become a bit flummoxed by finding really really old plant fossils that did not have the Fibonacci sequence in their shapes.

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