SACD1000 kit experiences?

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Has anyone built the SACD kit based on the Philips ASD-1.1 module? I went to DAISy to order a CD Pro2 and found the SACD kit... Does anyone have any opinions on the sound quality of this kit compared to the CD Pro2 or other commercially-available SACD players?

I'm guessing there must be something I'm not seeing... It seems too good to be true...

If the minimum order is 10 units, maybe we could organize a powerbuy? If these are premium transports and a reasonable price per unit can be had, I would think that there would be at least 10 people on this board who'd rather build their own than mod a commercial unit, no?
??? What are you talking about??? 500. what? Did you talk to someone at daisy? Is that the price you'd like to pay? Did someone start an auction unannounced and 500 something-or-other is your first bid?

AFAIK, this is all based on a conversation Carl Ekblom had with someone at Daisy many moons ago. No one has any current, definitive information on this right now - like whether they're actually even willing to sell to individuals, what quantity is required, PRICE.... I would have called this afternoon, but, by the time I got to it, it was well past 5pm in the Netherlands.

I doubt there's anything anyone can do about this until at least Monday.
After re-reading the CD-Pro2 webpage more closely, I found the following:

"DAISy is the official distributor of the parts but does not run a set maker operation nor can or will DAISy support private persons. Industrial supplies is the DAISy core business. DAISy nor Homeoptics supply other DIY kits. This means we do not make a tuner kit available and we do not offer DVD or SACD parts. Only the CD-PRO2 DIY kit is offered."

It may be that we, as a group, might meet their minimum quantity requirements. If so, they MAY sell to us, but, given the explicit statements to the contrary reproduced above, I doubt it.

I don't know the quality of this SACD transport, but this kit offers a VFD over the LED that comes with the CD-Pro2, as well as a couple other extras... Since the CD-Pro2 is already US$420, if this is a comparable quality transport, I would guess it'll cost quite a bit North of US$500.

Still, do others think it's worth a phone call?
BrianGT said:
Definately worth a phone call, to at least see if it is possible, and the cost. If they give a minimum order quantity, we can work from there.


No one seems to know the price: I emailed as a company and didn't get a reply.

Probably cheaper and less trouble to buy a cut price player and modify to heart's content!

To quote Allen Wright, it seems that dealing with Phillips is like dealing with a government department. I wonder why companies advertise these things on the net, and then make it difficult to obtain?
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Sounds good. If you are looking for a cheap player to mod, the SCD-CE775 is now available from for $180 shipped. ($199 - 10% (sale) and free shipping) The discount will appear in your cart when you click buy me

earlier link failed.. here is a shorter link:

Seems like the best cheap player to modify, and has no video to worry about, unlike the ns500v player. I have been trying to get a sony 222es, but I haven't been able to find any around. I will see how it goes with the CE775.

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