SACD DAC Phase modulation.

Hi Everyone,

(Only concerned with un-compressed 2 channel SACD discs.) I'm looking for info on the DSD comm format used with SACD. More specifically, I’m looking for the “SACD Phase Channel” information.

After looking at the latest generations of audio DACs, like the Burr-Brown PCM1738 and Analog Devices AD1955. After careful reading, I found that the AD1955 has a “DSD SACD with phase modulation” capability.

After reading documentation regarding SACD players using 2.8224 MHz DACs, & the boast that the high frequencies, even those above 48 KHz were reproduced truly & properly, without AM noise due to sample phase errors, I did not believe this. Especially after seeing DACs like the simple 192 KHz 24 bit Burr Brown one. Everything changes once you have DAC CLK phase corrective data combined with the 192 KHz 24 bit samples. This info supposedly re-steps the DAC clock so that it may be triggered along any point within a 2.8224 MHz point. Of course, the overall sample rate is still 192 KHz, but now, really high frequencies, right up to the 96 KHz band limit can be imaged exactly.

As far as I could tell, Analog Devices AD1955, is the first DAC to make full use of the SACD with phase modulation capability. Does this mean that the current SACD players have yet to achieve the true, authentic SACD grade quality audio output?