SACD, bring it on baby, I'm ready!

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I've heard SACD two or three times now on good systems, albeit not ones I was familiar with (Genesis 1.1s, Classe Omega, Krell preamp & B&W speakers, Levinson electronics [forget the model numbers, but it was the biggest stereo amp, second biggest speakers], another more humble system, the top of the line Sony player in all instances). No chance to A-B original vinyl against SACD. My initial impression in each circumstance was good, but I'll have to reserve judgement until I can hear things under better conditions, and compare to vinyl.

Slightly OT

I like SACDs, but I'm probably not the most unbiased opinion here. First of all, my SACD player (Sony SCD-C222ES)is the first decent piece of audio equipment I ever purchased. I was sick of listening to low-bitrate MP3s over computer speakers. It doesn't take too much to impress me, at this point, although all I know is that I can distinctly (and annoyingly) hear the 18kHz whine of an NTSC television set.

An off topic question:

Am I correct in thinking that Multichannel SACDs also contain a stereo mix, and I don't have to return my
5.1 Kind of Blue to play on my multichannel-capable-but-currently-only-stereo SACD player?

What is the deal with multichannel recordings, anyway? Do we really want these things?

Well, I just wanted to root out the possibility that the stereo down-mix happened in the mastering-stage and not on the player like some ghetto pro-logic matrix voodoo. Who knows.

I wanted to make sure that the magical multichannel/stereo button actually made the player find a stereo track and not process the signal.

I know it is POSSIBLE for multichannel SACD layers to include stereo versions, I wanted to know whether it is MANDATORY. It appears so, but I wondered whether anyone here knew any better, as they tend to. Your comment notwithstanding.

can someone tell me how SACD work ?? I like it play on the stereo mode but the multichannel are suck ! I don't know why SACD/DVD-Audio want to add more channel into recording ? I 'think' they want to push more sale on speaker, amplifier and the player ! Any comment ?
The disc will either be recorded in multi-channel surround only (im not sure if these actually exist but assuming they do), stereo only, or both.

Players won't do a stereo mix-down themselves so if it was a multi-channel surround disc and you can set it to stereo it's definitely playing a seperate stereo recording.

Arguing about multi-channel vs stereo is a whole seperate deal but what you just touched on there TJ is very important. To reach the same level of fidelity there are now 2 1/2 times the amps and speakers required and multi-channel audio isn't suited to having smaller surrounds. You need the full-range (and same tonal characteristic) speakers all around.
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