SAA7220 A/B/C any diferences for SPDIF out?

From the SAA7220 datasheet:

Audio samples are available for digital audio output after attenuation, interpolation, attenuation and muting, but before filtering.

In this context digital audio output means DOBM, the S/P DIF output, so the different versions shouldn't make any difference if you're just using this output.
So there is a difference between the A and the B SAA7220 soundwise on the filtering, but is there also a noticable difference if one is only to use the SPDIF out? And is then also the C version helping (i know it is optimized or 32khz)?


I'd agree to amc184's point, but from the datasheets one can't say if anything else what might affect the S/PDIF output was changed too. At least it wasn't mentioned.
As amc184 already mentioned, the S/PDIF output is generated before the digtial filtering section, so any differences in the filter section don't play a role.

Anyway, if using the S/PDIF for real time playback, it should be ensured that the receiving device offers really good clock recovery/reconstruction with jitter attenuation starting in the <5Hz region.