S/PDIF to analog converter


2001-10-26 11:51 pm
Limhes said:
(I didn't seem to get the wanted results using the search, obviously...)

What chips are available to receive a digital audio signal (S/PDIF) and transform it into analog audio (or digital, which could easily be converted to analog ofcourse)?
I only know about the CS8414, but I don't seem to be able to get it anywhere...


Be aware the Philips UDA device has been discontinued but there are alternatives.

The DIR1701/3 devices are also no longer generally available.

Farnell seems to be the best solution (if they take my order that is, being no company).

The other IC's are not very well suited for me, since I have not yet started making PCB's, and soldering VSOP, SSOP, QFPN and all of that on an experimenting print is not my prefered way of working... Why have they stopped making DIP/DIL packages for most of them... :(

Maybe I should consider beginning making PCB's...