S-10 Enclosure

Well, I have a bigger problem, I went through and crunched the numbers yesterday, the total volume I need at the least is 1.2 cubic ft. As of now I wanted to use 3/4" MDF for the long straights and fiberglass for the some sweet looking effects in the front. However the MDF sucks up too much of the volume. With the outside dimensions I can make about 1.7 to 1.5 cu ft. However the MDF takes up .7 cu ft. Leaving me with less then the recommended amount. I thought of way to get around it, stuffing the box with cotton etc. But, I was wondering if I couldn't just completely fiberglass the box and what kinds of Pros and Cons there would be. I build a frame out of 1"x1" wood, with several braces. Also I was going to make the out edge of the subs flush with the box, so I was going to have two plates of mdf for the subs.

The box will contain two 12" Premier Shallow Mounted Subs.

300 w. nominal
1200 w. Max

Comments, concerns?




As you can see I've built the frame and already put the fleece over the frame. As of now the box is sitting in my garage with one coat of resin over the fleece. I added one more support across the top of the particle board to make sure I didn't have any problems with that small amount of material there. comments?