Rythimik Audio DS1200 Dual Opposed Slot Loaded HELP pls...

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Hey guys looking for some help modeling or just general advice...

What I want to do is this:

An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.

From what I've read this slot loading configuration lowers the Fs and raises the Qts but I don't know how to model it? Particularity the extension part through the wall (mouth of a horn?)...

Drivers I'm thinking of using are dual Rythimk Audio DS1200's paired with their HX800XLR3 800 watt amp using DIY Sound Group's 2 cubic ft boxes (one for each sub) so height and width (from drawing) including the 4" extension through wall are fixed... what I can play with is the distance between the boxes (up to about 15" given 16" on center wall studs). While not shown on the drawing the three sides of the slot will of coarse be closed in with 3/4" MDF. That makes the inside dimensions of the slot 20" by 19" by ??.

Driver parameters are:
fs 22 Hz
BL 11.24
VAS 110 L
Qms 3.90
Qes 0.468
Qts 0.418
Sd 530 cm2
Re 2.80 ohms
Le 1.0 mH

I'm interested in this design as the boxes can be attached to the wall in my garage and vented into the listing space through the slot port. Has the advantage of cancelling mechanical vibration (dual opposed) and of coarse WAF! :D

My question is what the optimum distance between the boxes in order to get a good result? ... or maybe I should ask if it's a good idea in the first place?

(I know my Sketchup skills are lacking but I just started today) :confused:

Any of you modelers out there willing to have a look? Will it work well or am I living a pipe dream?

Kind Regards,
Boxes are built and primed. I'll be cutting the pieces to form the slot next but I still haven't settled on the distance between the drivers? After reading the entire thread "for those interested in PPSL..." and doing other research I've concluded that there will be no real benefit to reverse mounting one of the drivers since these are servo subs and likely cancel enough even order harmonics anyway. Am I thinking about this right? dlk a special thanks for all you shared in that tread (even though I'm mostly just a lurker)! Incredibly helpful to get my head around it even though I'm still unsure of the optimum distance between the driver faces...
I'm thinking 5 inches for my slot distance as I'm mostly interested in the mechanical vibration cancellation this configuration provides (mounted to wall in garage with slot exiting through wall to family room... master bed/bath above garage/family room). Rythmik proves damping and extension control on their amps so I should be able to tune this sub to my liking. I also use a Emotiva UMC-1 (Dirac) so I can further fine tune if need be.

I'll post some pictures of the build soon.
Hi All,

Just adding another Box type using 2x Rythimik Audio DS1200 Drivers in an in-Wall configuration targeting SQ.



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