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Hello All

I have been repairing Klipsch subwoofer amps for about 15 years as a hobby. I have decided to start blogging my repairs and eventually do videos of each one. This thread is intended to be a blog and a resource for information. I will try to answer repair questions as best I can. Comments and tips are also welcome, If you do not have the experience or the tools, PLEASE do not attempt any of these repairs. You will only end up damaging the board and it will end up costing more for a tech to repair the damage. If you do not have a high quality vacuum desoldering station (Hakko or Weller) and a current limited mains supply, you should not be working on these amps. These subwoofers do not have any user serviceable parts inside. If you open up the sub or attempt any repair you see in this thread, you are doing so at your own risk!!!
RW-12D PLATE SERIAL A308380152

This amp had a power supply failure due to the glue used to secure the parts becoming conductive. The PDC board needed to be rebuilt and all the glue removed. The fets were replaced and the power supply was recapped. Parts were secured with GE silicone II.


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This amp was recently sent in by a forum member. It is a perfect example of why NOT to attempt the repairs if you don't have the proper tools. Nothing against them or their workmanship, but you MUST have the tools for the job or it is going to cost you more. This amp failed from the glue plague. The PDC control board was damaged and the 5V supply was not working. The customer tried replacing the capacitor on the secondary output and tore out the via with the cap. You cannot solder the cap in properly without a plated thru hole. These large snap in thru holes are a pain to replace. I repaired the board and PDC, replaced the FETS, replaced the NTC and did a full recap.


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I have a RW 12d subwoofer Amp blowing fuses. I ran across your blog and am interested if you are still doing repairs. If so, do you have a ball park estimate cost based on the photos I have attached. Photo Supply2 is full view. Photo Supply1 is back side showing burnt printed circuit. Photo Supply3 is fried part. Also circled is an area that had smoked area (which I started to wipe off) but does not indicate an burnt parts.

Unit has been out of service for about 10 years. I'm trying to give it to my granddaughter and went to fire it up and well you can guess what happened.

Your thought please. Look forward to your response.



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