Runing Quasi's NMOS200 @ 2ohm ?


2010-11-21 11:16 am
I originally intended to make two of them to drive a couple of 12" 200 wrms 4 ohm woofers, but I've been wondering, what if I just parallel the woofers to get 2 ohms and run them off a single amp? what power would I expect it to pump out @ 2ohm with a supply of +-46-49V, something along the lines of 400w? Output FETs are of course IRFP260N

Would I have to do anything other than beefing up the supply, adding an extra pair of outputs and re-adjusting the bias?

Also when the amp is idling would it be bad if I exceeded +-50V? Because my supply goes up to a maximum of -+52-53V when idling.

P.S. When I first ran the amp I incidentally had my test supply set too high and the amp ran for about an hour on +-55V (measured it dropping to about +-52 while playing music on fairly high levels) before I noticed and shut it down. After shutting it down I checked and nothing was hotter than usual (most of the stuff was stone cold), t6 and t7 were a little warm, but I'm sure that's normal.

Thanks in advance.