Run out of Projects

Tweak it.
Buy yourself a spectum analyzer, thd meter, on
Buy components like teflon caps, sikorels, golds.
Your pcb material is heard and it colorises the sound, find something better.

Nobody has yet attained sound Nirvana.

Foget all the above if u are satisfied with the sound of your system.

Sorry, now I myself is cofused.
Get into microcontrollers. It will keep u busy, especially if u don't know programming.

One thing is sure, enjoy what u do.

Gajanan Phadte


2006-12-26 2:05 pm
Well, there was a time when i have found my self asking the same thing. I can only say that there is no limit!
You WILL always find something to do.
I was thinking of doing something around the house. Making dimmers for light bulbs, doing some furniture design.... And of course like
gmphadte said, tweak. ;)