RTi12 - Hoping you can help me identify other replacement drivers


2011-09-24 6:10 pm
I've managed to break multiple mid-range drivers on my RTi12's. Another one went and they are now out of warranty. I've been looking at replacing the entire speaker with DIY but for now would like to just replace the drivers.

The model on the back of the driver is RD5537-2-E. Driver is 5.25".

I want to replace it with something else if possible (and all 3 other mids) with something that handles the abuse a bit better. I'm not playing ultra loud and it's not clipping. I'm running 500watt rotel RB-1091 monoblocks, one for each main. I usually run it at around 75db with a max of 90db for short bursts when the rotel processor goes to 95db. I assume I should be using around a max of 300 watts/channel, yet they still eventually start making strange noise that sounds like air is moving buy the driver.

Woofer/mid 120Hz, mid/tweeter 1.8kHz crossovers from what I've been able to find.

Polk Audio RTi12 Owner's Manual (Page 6 of 8)
Well, I did find the T/S parameters of your mid drivers...& they are an odd-ball sort. The pair are wired in series, Two Ohms each to get Four. Now being as a Two ohm job is kinda rare to say the least, a pair of Eights to get four is an easier job.

Fs 66.62
Qms 6.415
Qes .498
Qts .462
Vas 11.13L
n(o) .63 %
M(ms) 9.416g
Re 2.33 ohms
Db 90.09 1W/1M
C(ms) .61 mm/N
Zmax 32.37 ohms
Le .52 mH
BL 4.29