RS-232 cable for DSP-Amp Digisynthetic DSP-1400

Hey there,

I came across an Prosound Amp which seems to have a built in DSP (nice :) ). Digisynthetic DSP-1400.

Sadly, the connection is some unusual jack / Plug (it´s called "mini-DIN" in Germany). and looks like this:


The cable is missing :(

The Software states that this should be a RS-232 Connection, but I can´t find a standard-Adapter for this, some Sat-Receivers have cables that look like the ones I´d need:


I could build it myself, but I don´t know which pins relate to which one and there doesn´t seem to be any standard on this.

Does anybody know how to wire it`? Maybe someone has a DSP-1400 or some Digisynthetic specs?