RPi I2S clock a problem? DAC search.

I'm looking for a I2S DAC (Stereo Cinch) that does

44.1k/48k/88.2k/96k/176.4k/192k/352.8k/384k @ 16/24/32bit
DSD64/DSD128 (maybe DSD256)

without up/down sampling.

I read and look through the internet a lot before i buy something.
I bought a Odroid C1+ just to find out there is only old stuff (kernel, releases, software).

The reason for the C1+ was that from all the reading it seemed the RPi's can do only 192k.
Also the answer here sounded like that:
Which SBCs support which bitrate/samplerate? : DACs - Volumio

So now i found out it was a kernel thing and the RPi's can do 384k/32bit now.

So i have now the choice between 3 DACs and this is the one that costs the most:
BOSS I2S DAC v 1.2

The question is if this is marketing:
The clocks coming from CPU can only output one frequency clock perfect (very close), resulting in major problems with audio files sampled at 44Khz (and multiple). Too much jitter on i2s clocks.

I'm not looking for the most audiophile device.
It needs to sound good and better then average.
I'm not somebody who hears a difference between a $5 and $200 cord after the power traveled 100th of miles from the powerhouse to my sockets.