rounding inside 90's

Does anyone have experience with removing the 90 degree joints in their enclosure? Whether it be by glassing, 45's, anything at all, pouring resin in on an angle, quarter round, anything. Even just a huge bead of silicon.

I just can't believe leaving the 90's is the best way to go...

Has anyone measured anything with a meter?
All measurements are taken from where vibration is most likely to occur and the corners are the least likely spot to cause any sound signatures since this area is too small and strong to excite anything meaningful.
If your side and front panels are big in size you would normally dado the sides and cross brace panel to panel with MDF since any kind of fill in the corners as you would suggest would prove meaningless compared to stresses acting on them from the center of the panels
If you think just pouring resin or anything else will counteract and cure vibration, we need to know what dimensions your considering
Whether you dado, 45, biscuit, or spline the corners, the inside 90 is of little consequence really. Adding something there is more emotional than anything and could actualy push a wall vibration higher up in frequency and make it more audible.
We need more information on what your trying to do.