Rotel RCD971 won't eject when empty


2010-08-29 4:11 am
Hi All,

A few times now my CD player wouldn't eject the tray when there was no CD in there, after leaving it off for a while it would eventually eject.

Of course I would then again forget this and close the tray without a CD and voila - stuck shut again.

This time it just won't open.

So is this a problem anyone has encountered before?

When I press eject I an hear the mechanism click into action but it seems the player gets stuck and won't slide.

Thanks in advance for your help



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2007-09-15 8:14 am
Think these have a loading belt in them, which would be favourite.

You'll have to at least delve inside and see what's going on. 99.9% sure to be mechanical issue.

Can you hear the motor running when it get's stuck ?
Is there voltage across the loading motor ?
Microswitches OK... there's another thread on this model, slightly different tray fault.


2005-09-02 11:15 am

I have a rare Kenwood 3300 CD player about 11Kg.
It has the same problem .
If your player only does these when no disc inside that mean the spring get lose (weak) .
In that case the magnet which hold the disc tide is stronger.
You have to replace the spring with a stronger one or you have to leave a disc always in your player.
When the disc inside the magnet does not touch the metal part in that way will always open to you.
Altogether is not a big problem , you can fix that very easy .:)

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2010-08-29 4:11 am
Thanks all!

I did delve in and went hmmm, not sure what to do next.

The motor was definitely running, and I noticed some cockroach "leftovers". I blew these out and then plugged it in again.

It worked perfectly! Put it back together and it is working for now, I assume it won't be a long term fix so will look at the spring idea.

Thanks for your prompt responses.