Rotel RCD-9658X, convert from 230V to 120V?

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I am looking at this Rotel player, wondering if it would make a good unit for upgrading/mods, but first I would need to convert the power supply from 230V 50Hz to NA standard 120V / 60 Hz. Is this a major issue?
Any opinions on this unit, or the power supply mod? Any schematics? Thanks.
If a voltage selector is not present, you have an easy option to solve your problem. The power supply transformer has taps to adapt to 120, 220 and 240 V AC mains. You have to desolder the wire from the currently used tap, and solder it to the 120 V tap.

Thanks, I didn't realize they had manuals online. The manual says 120V 60Hz or 230V 50Hz "depending on destination", and there doesn't appear to be a selector in the picture of it. The seller says it was bought in Europe, although the back states "certified to Canadian Electrical Code".
Is it possible the selector is hidden inside? If not, is it a big deal to convert it to 120V?

Ok, so I'm a bit slow in replying... :p

I picked up this player based on the advice given, and sure enough, swapping from 220 to 110 input was very simple. I've been listening to it ever since, and quite like the sound. My unit is missing two of the control buttons - any chance someone has a parts unit? It appears other Rotel models of similar vintage may use the same buttons?
I recently (2 months ago) still sourced a plastic button grid/inlay whatever you call it for a 955 from my local distributor. I think the layout of this grid remained for a while (855/865/955/945/965/970/975 I think are all same spacing etc just the newer ones 9 series have some lines moulded in and are curved.)
Wow, now this is what I call good service (a response within 2 business hours!) see below for the service manual.

Dear Shawn,

Please find attached the service manual for the RCD-965BX. We do still
have the button array available for this model, part # CS00011 and this
part is available for $14.48 plus $10 for UPS ground shipping. You can
order this part either through your local Rotel dealer, or by contacting
our parts department at 800-370-3740.

Best Regards,
The B&W Group
B&W / Rotel / Classe

The file is under the 10Mb limit, but attachment did not work... email me, (or Rotel) if you need a copy... :)
power change

I have an Rotel and see exactly what you posted here - but it does not seem straight forward to how to rewire to 120v. I have two wires on 220 (blue) and 240b brown. Nothing on the 120v post. I pulled teh service manual from B&W - but they only show the picture - not how to convert. Any words of advice?

Thanks! M.
Here is main input of RCD-971. the picture only I have:
An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.

No selector switch, but the board under plastic cover has wire mounting pins with clear marking how should be soldered or for inspection.
Very easy.
Don't plug power cord to outlet before opening!!!.
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