Rotel RCD-950. Does it use the phillips CDM4 transport

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Hi folks. Quick question this (hopefully)

I have a 2nd cd player, a rotel rcd-950 that i got as aprt of a bundle off Fleabay. The advert said it was not working and when i got it home i discovered that the drawer would not open. Managed to get the drawer operating, however the mechanism that pushes the motor into place appears to stop just short, meaning that the magnetic clamp on top of the mechanism doesn engage. A gently touch gives it the help it needs, and once engaged plays beautifully.

After being wrongly informed that the mechanism was a Phillips CDM9, i bought a replacement gear for the mechanism. When i came to replace it, does not fit.

I now believe that the mechanism is a phillips cdm-4 (like the rcd-965). Does anyone know if this is indeed correct, and/or had or heard of a similar problem.

Is replacing the gear with a new one going to solve the problem. It is a shame because the condition is superb otherwise..


Unfortunately, I'm not sure if the RCD-950 houses a Philips CDM4/19 transport, however, if your transport is the CDM4 then sadly the cog wheel which opens and closes the draw is almost impossible to purchase these days.

You are quite right, the CDM9 does not share the same drive cog as the CDM4 and the drive cog for the CDM9 is readily available (even from Arcam - the Alpha 5 cd player used the CDM9).

Your best bet is to probably track down a second hand early Marantz or Rotel cd player - most of these used the CDM4. (i.e. Marantz CD50, CD52, CD 60, CD62, CD72, or Rotel RCD-855 & RCD965).

Best wishes.
Just try Rotel first. They have surprised me with parts I wouldn't have expected them to have.

The Tech in the US has told me that that transport is serviceable and he stocks parts (I have two RCD-965s). I didn't get into detail about the gear, but I suspect they might have one.

I have the technical manual for the RCD-951 if they are the same and you need it. PM me! It doesn't say what CDM is in the 951, it only has an exploded diagram with Rotel part numbers. The diagram has a different layout than the one in the RCD-965 so I don't think the CDM in the 951 is the CDM4/19

Good luck!


I think the RCD950 uses sony.

I have had the odd player where the gears have somehow just gone out of kilter. Using a little gentle force to make the tray skip a few teeth inward while holding the tray gear still often solves the problem.

The right way to do it is to remove the tray by taking out the unlocking pin on the tray. Power the player, push close so all sets to correct position for close mode, slide in the tray (no teeth in closed position) and push back locking pin.

Hope this helps.
Hi John

Thinking about this I think I have my memo cells A about F on this one.
No gear mis alignment probably (that is a Sanyo mech quirk as used on the RCD940), more likely a sloppy stretched belt on the tray gear and motor. You often need to strip the tray out to get to it and replace it but a little ingnuity, dexterity and some needle nose pliers and bent paperclip could just do it from below without stripping.
You would work with the machine upside down, tray open, power off.
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