Rotel AV amp for 2-channel?

Found a Rotel RSX-1056 receiver at a thrift store, thinking of using it as a stereo amp. A big beast, but not bad looking.

Specs say 75wpc with all 5 channels pumping, or 100wpc in 2-channel mode. Assume that the increased power has to do with the power supply's max power delivery and heat dissipation of the outputs.

So, any comments on the viability of using this as a stereo receiver? Schematic for one of the five power amps shown, looks bog standard to me. Has a beefy power transformer, and a quad of 8200mfd @ 80v filter caps.



2010-07-05 4:47 am
Rotel is great

Please get it and give it to me :D. This has been my AV receiver since I bought it new in ~ 2001 for approx. $1K. I have tried a few other receivers with newer features over the years, e.g. Denon, Onkyo. But they never sounded as good. It is extremely musical, has P.R.A.T. and clean and detailed sounding. I love my amp, but now it is dying :worried:. I think I need to replace those Power supply amps you mentioned, three of the four are bulging, need replacement, Receiver switches inputs on its own, when warm. Sounds great in stereo and not too shabby in various music modes. You will have to spend approx 1K to beat it, I wager.:cool: