Rola model 12M Info Please

I have a webster electric amplifier, it curentlly has in it a Rola model 12m speaker I think this problly came from a radiogram wanting to up grade but was curiouss if anyone can tell me any info on the 12m watts etc.

obviously its 12" and has an alinco mag I suspect wattage is quite low but hav no idea of its watts or age etc

info is always good:rolleyes:


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thanks for the info has helped me spec some of the other Rola's I have on hand too.
seems the answer in this case is a whole 7 watts and thats about a 14watt amp, so i may want to upsize it a bit.
it is amazing how much you can feed into an alinco speaker tho, was puting 50watts into a 10 inch weber for sevral hours then rembered it was rated at 20 lol.
might try a WGS G12Q in the Webster and see how that sounds.

Thanks again for the help