Rockford T1500-1bd BD_MUTE

Ok, the output of the BD card Pin 8+9 (not 9+10) are square waves, both present, They are named Toggle A and Toggle B.

They drive thru a 1K resistor, into Pins 2 and 4 into the Lm5110 (IC 2000 + IC2002). I had the proper waveform coming out of both 8+9 of the BD drive, and arriving at the IC's, but no output from Pin 5 or 7. I thought it was the BD_mute line causing the IC not to be enabled BUT, I replaced both IC's and the amp worked. SO it was a bad IC that was causing the issue.

There are also 2 SMT diodes D2000 and D2017, that enable the wave form to allow the pulse to reach the IC.

I never found where BD_mute came from, I have moved on :).

The IC's used are LM5110-1m