Rockford T1000-1bd

This amp will not power up, just makes a clicking sound. I removed the pwm card because I saw no square wave on the gate pad of the power supply FET's.

The power supply FET's, gate resistors, and drivers test good. I replaced it with a known good pwm card and same result.

With the pwm card removed should the amp draw 40 amps of current and the power supply FET's get hot? This is happening with only power and ground hooked up.
Is this board multi-layered? When the card was de-soldered I push side ways on it and powered with ground and remote only. I had 5volts at gate legs and square wave.

After soldering the card in I have nothing. No vias were damaged from my removal of the card. I don't know if it was removed prior to me getting the amp. It just makes the clicking noise. I can't determine where its coming from at this time.