Rockford RAV DVD1 issue

Are you sure the plug is wired properly. If someone accidentally pulled a wire from the harness and they didn't know where it went, they may have plugged it back into the wrong slot. From the owner's manual, it appears that the red, yellow and black should be all together on one end of the plug. Maybe someone here has a plug they can photograph and post.

Have you checked the voltage on the plug where the wires go into the plug?

The display lights may be wired directly to the illumination wire. If that's the case, I'd suspect that the red wire was in the slot for the illumination wire.
A lot of the older units had the illumination of the keys independently controlled by a seperate wire, that's what we are talking about. Could you take a picture of the plug and post it here? Its also possible that the circuit for the constant (yellow) wire isn't connecting to the board somehow or has a bad diode in series with the circuit on the board, or even a tiny fuse or bad trace. (this is if the red wire is in the correct position and not illumination, though)
Yes, I owned two of those poorly-designed units and even gave it a scalding review on

You could have a dead unit which will illluminate the buttons but not power-up. I've seen that before in the car audio world.

But definitely check for power @ the PCB power connector if you can do it.

Great concept, terrible unit! I remember emailing the maker of the DVD disc/laser unit for the RAV-DVD1 and of course got no response.

That darn thing would take up to 30 seconds just to start playing a disc, but the cool thing was the video output which would show the current track/MP3 on the video monitor output.

Also I had issues with DAC noise on the RCA outputs, which Rockford incompetently DENIED any knowledge of. (Easily seen on an oscilloscope and could be reproduced).

:( too bad!....good luck!