Rockford Fosgate T20001bd


2012-12-03 11:56 am

I have a T20001bd that is not equilize ng the rails. If I place the 1k on the feed back op-amp I have a drive signal. But I also had audio on the input and outputs of the op-amp too. When checking the ic mosfets drivers (3706) I had drive signal. The output were not switching. What I did notice is that I do not have the square wave on the toggle A nor toggle B. I checked the HC74 ic and here are the voltages on it.
Pin 1. Pin 8
6.06v. 6.06v
144mv. 5mv
2.46v. 6.06v
6.06v. 144mv
144mv. 6.06v
144mv. 2mv
2mv. 6mv

On pin 3 I have a nice square wave. I am thinking I have a defective flipflop but thought I would ask your thoughts.