Rockford Fosgate R1200-1d service manual needed.


My first post,..... so go easy on me...

I have 2 Rockfod fosgate M1200-1d amps, both with water damage to them, they were on on the boat for 3 weeks when the boat took on water and almost sank. I am now looking to see if they can be salvaged, i have transistors, mosfet chips and resistors blown, I can make out most of the parts BUT i have some surface mounted components that are burned out and can not be read the details, i have looked high and low and can not find any service schematics for RF amps after around 2003... ish.

Thx in advance.

PS... i see if i can upload some photos of the damage and what i did to try and fix the amp's

So i contacted RF to see if they would help...this is the reply i got...

Repair Schematics for the M1200-1D

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Response Via Email(name taken out) - 06/28/2016 02:05 PM
Hi, we do not have any schematics on current amplifiers or have access to them until they become discontinued product.
wow.... so what they are saying is that there service tech's do not have access to service schematics.
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