Rockford Fosgate Punch 500a2

Could this have been caused by a faulty power connection?
¿Positive in the negative, and negative connected to the positive?

This explosion has caused significant damage to the amplifier motherboard ...

I will do a reconstruction of the burned part, cleanse the entire affected area with a piece of printed circuit board virgin, I will raise it.

Or do you have a better idea?


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The damage looks mainly superficial. Remove the caps and move the transformer windings out of the way and clean the board. A fine wire brush will help remove most of the loose material. Do this outside. If you must do it inside, use a vacuum cleaner to pull up all loose material while gently brushing.

Check all dark areas to see if they're conductive. Remove anything that's even slightly conductive.

Re-establish all connections on the board with wire jumpers sized for the current that will flow through them.
Well, in the end this was the result, after reconstruction with a piece of bakelite plate, and replace the four power FETs, resistors door, diodes and drivers.

And it works perfectly!

At best, it may seem a bit "sloppy" but it works.
Perry what you think?


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