Rockford Fosgate punch 301M repair help

Here's the board


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Yes it sparks every time I touch the terminals on the amp no remote hooked up and there's no fets installed. There's no high current draw when + & - is applied. I noticed a really high current draw when I put in two fets for testing those capacitors were getting warm. I double checked the gate pads Q7 & Q15 have 6.55 volt while the the other two have 4.45 volts. Any ideas? Should I remove the rectifiers and try again?
Actually no. You what it was as a matter of fact As I was looking at a pictured I took of the board previously it appears who ever had this amp installed the rail caps backwards because I took them out thinking it was the caps or rectifiers. After I put in new rectifiers and installed two IRF3205's for testing amp powered up and produced audio.. So my guess was the capacitors all this time installed incorrect I remember it would draw excessive current and the power supply fets would heat up in seconds.. Well this one is fine for now... Thanks perry