Rockford Fosgate Punch 160X4

Amp is stuck in protect mode and I can’t figure out why. I apply power to the amp and no current draw or red light. I measured the voltage on Pin 4 of the TL494 and read 4.98 volts. I ground pin 4 and the amplifier comes on and draws 9+ amps of current. I realized it’s a short somewhere so I check the output section and not a single transistor, diode or mosfet is shorted. What have I overlooked?
Set the limit to about 7 amps and clip your meter across each of the 0.1 ohm source resistors and power up just long enough to see if there is voltage across it. The voltage will only be a few millivolts so set your meter to the lowest range. Power down, move to the next resistor and repeat. Which ones read above 0.000v?