Rockford Fosgate Punch 150hd Amp

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The pre-amp section of these amps should the caps be replaced on these sister boards before using in my system regardless of whether they're presently in good condition ?

I would stand the amp on end and do it. You can remove the board and it might be easier but the vias and solder pads are VERY heat sensitive and you risk damaging them. Chip quik will aid in removing the board.

The capacitors are not very difficult to change with the board installed.
"200 ohm axial resistor from pin 15 to pin 8 of the TLO72"

Pin 15 is the positive 15v regulated voltage and pin 13 is the negative 15v regulated voltage.

Pin 8 of the TL072C is the negative supply pin for the op-amp. I don't think hooking the positive regulated supply to the negative supply pin of the op-amp would be a good idea.

Do you have the schematic for the input board?
Hi Guys,

Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I have one of these that looks like the same issue, leaking caps. There is some damage that I thought was heat, but now after reading your posts I'm wondering if it might just be the caps. I think the real problem is the burned trace, just starting on it today.


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I have a question. I'm a newbe. I just bought this amp and the one channel wasn't working very well so I tried to open the amp and see why. Well I ended up taking the bigger screws out on the sides and one of the screws broke off well now when I try to hook up positive on amp it blows fuse imediately. Any suggestions as to why and is it a easy fix. I think the screw posed the heatsink away just a tad???
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