Rockford Fosgate Pro 401SP

In the schematic you sent it shows the power supply filter caps at 330uf 63 volt

The caps that I pulled from the amp were blown and were 1000uf 50 volt but I don’t know if these were original or not since the amp was in rough shape .

The only caps I’ve ever seen in rockfords were the 330uf

Should I stick with the 330uf for the caps ?
Here are a couple of pics of the amp .


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They are the same amp. Audio express had the board color changed by Rockford, added the maximum watt rating added to the badge with a little fake carbon fiber in the emblem. They wanted their own line if you will to attract buyers and sell amps. I guess they figured if their amps were pro models they would sell more amplifiers.

I see people list these all the time on ebay calling them pro models with way higher power ratings and being listed as rare. They are neither. Same exact amp as the normal model with a blue board.