rockford fosgate power 1001 bd

amp it up

2008-11-23 2:00 am
Hi I need help with ROCKFORD FOSGATE power 1001. when I hook it up it squeals and draws massive amps and the out puts get warm. I unsoldered the twisted red and black and powered the amp back up and it powers up like its supposed to and the twisted red and black have 110 v.
I dont believe pins 2 and 6 should have the voltage on them. I think this op-amp is defective.

It could be getting the voltage from U4 or U3. (TL072C)

Post the voltage on all the pins of U4 and U3, you could have a bad op-amp sending the voltage to U17.

Does the 0/180 switch make any difference?
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u3 u4
1, .651 1, 000
2, .651 2, .094
3, .642 3, .093
4, -12.48 4, -9.56
5, .642 5, 000
6, .649 6, .649
7, .648 7, .649
8, 13.91 8, 9.81

it makes no difference switching the 0/180 also output's are getting warm.

Which outputs are getting warm, all of them or just one group of 6?

The .650 vdc on the pins of U3 doesnt seem right, but does not justify why the U17 has over 8vdc on its output pins.

I would say that the LM6171 (U17) is probably defective.

Is the amp screwed tightly into the heat sink?
If the amp is not in the sink, the outputs will likely get warm after the amp has been powered up for awhile.

I would order some stock of the TL072C and the LM6171 to have on hand for this amp, maybe 3 or 4 each.

This may not be the only problem with the amp, but you must start with known faults.

You might see what others on the forum think, but having over 8vdc on the output pins of the op-amp is not OK.