Robust Power Supply PCB suited to hi-quality amplifiers

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A PSU PCB Groupbuy is underway for a very robust power supply. It is suitable for typical split-rail amplifier supplies.

The PCB has provision for 8Ea x 35mm caps, Fuses, Rectifier diodes, CRC (or CLC or link out), etc...

Check the original forum for details:

The tentative price for boards is $18.00 USD. More information can be found in the wiki:

The Groupbuy is being managed by Landoctor. Please direct any questions to him within the original thread [Power Amp PSU Board (for e.g. LYNX Amp)]... see link above

This post is out of place (It should be under Groupbuys) but I have posted here to draw the attention of any Solid-state DIYers that will be building amps in the near future. The moderator can move this thread if necessary.

Sounds good. Thanks again for the design work and for spearheading the Groupbuy.


Agreed. I'd hate to manufacture 200 PCB's and find that there is a mistake. The board is pretty straightforward but Murphy's law has a way of sneaking up on you.


This option was never discussed.

I suppose the board was intended to be a single PSU module. Those wanting dual monoblocks, for example, could use 2 boards.

You could take advantage of the CRC connection and have an off-board bridge rectifier... While this would be slightly messy it could help to accomodate those seeking a smaller dual PSU.
Jan, just a thought: Have you thought anything about continuous current for the rectifier bridge, with both diode rating and cooling in mind?

You could rearrange the diodes so you can mount them in the chassis also. Look here. :idea:

Personally I would have done a more clear polarity marking of the caps, also the leds.

I would also have all designators visible with mounted parts (if that's possible).
Per-Anders ;)

Regarding the arrangement of the diodes, I agree but I think this pcb is way to large already...... 285x90 mm.
I already find it difficult to find space for it in my chassis.....
But the Group Buyers here must decide it.

It should be no problem to make markings and desinators clearer and visible. I will look into that, when Group Buyers has reported back here ;)
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.