RJH3047 (IGBT) datasheet wanted

And RJP3043 too. These are 300 V IGBT-s, I'd like to use them in ClassD amp, but I don't know even the manufacturer of them.

I measured already most of DC parameters, but detailed switching parameters are needed (Eoff, Qrr of diode, stb...).


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Thanks! Sadly this has too high fall time for audio.

I've tried some of them (RJ...), and they weren't good enough (eg. too high switching loss -> damaged at about 25...30 A peak current), but I think if I saw the datasheet, maybe I could figure out what to modify to reach a little higher efficiency.

I saw so many potencial in RJP3043! Vcebr=360V, Vce=1.5V @ 16A, tdon=20 ns, tdoff=60 ns, Qg=~30 nC... but current "tail" seems to be too long.
Unfortunately the switching freq was not fixed, so I can tell only the idle freq: 200 kHz, but this is somewhat irrelevant.

I didn't try IXGP70N33, mainly because the isolated package can dissipate very little power. I'm planning to remove isolation from the bottom... This has an ultra low saturation voltage (1V @ 16A), so I'm going to use in (resonant) power supply instead of in amp. I don't think it would be fast enough.

RJ...s are usable in sub amp, but worse than the previously used HGTG12N60A4D. :(


2008-11-13 6:37 pm
RJH3047 datasheet


I'm searching for that device to repair my samsung television.

Can you send me a RJH3047? ( i will pay for is)

I have already discovered the exact part name is

VCES= 330V
IC = 50A
IC peak = 250A
tf= 0.15
trr = 0.06 µs
VCE(sat) = 1.5V

it is from renesas