RIP Prince


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His music was the backdrop to a lot of my earlier life, particularly in the 1980s and early 1990s and I still enjoy it. (Enough so that I have continued from time to time to buy his music.) So much talent, and complexity wrapped up in one person. He was also part of my generation and his sudden death hits close to home in uncomfortably personal ways.

So much lip service is given to those iconic individuals who unexpectedly pass while countless other souls pass quietly out of existence unremarked. Despite all of this I am affected by his death.

I will miss the opportunity of new music and tiny insights into who this person was, not that any of us will ever really know. He was a consummate entertainer, and an actual human being who contributed in many areas outside of his art.

RIP Prince.


2008-03-14 7:45 pm
Some of his songs went straight to my heart. Others, well on a different wavelength that I didn't exactly connect with. His talent was enormous. Purple Rain came out at a time in my life that I really resonated with so many elements in the story. But more than anything else his interview with Larry King really revealed so much. I completely admire his spiritual commitment. Welcome back into the arms of the divine brave Prince and thank you for the music you gave the world.
Well Done, Chevy !
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2016-04-24 1:35 am
I remember the first time I heard of Prince was a trip to South Carolina as a kid. My cousin brings me a tape with his 1979 album cover Prince with him shirtless on it and the blue backbround. I looked at my cousin like he was crazy. I was 10 at the time so...
I said "man I'm not listening to this". Little did I know I was listening to this all along just didn't know who he was. At that time I didn't care too much about artist's names just if the music sound good. Since then it's been a pleasure to listen to this musically genius.
This 2004 video of Prince and a group of fellow all-stars performing G. Harrison's 'While my guitar gently weeps' has been getting a lot of views in the past few days. However, if you've never seen it, do yourself a favor and watch Prince alternately spank and caress his Telecaster in to screaming ecstasy. It becomes clear that he could have had a very successful career strictly as a rock guitarist. Think about that! Actually, the entire ad-hoc group of stars sounds like they've playing together for years. Prince's famous solo starts at about the 3:25 mark.
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