RIP Jean Michel LeCleac'h

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My french is not to bad, and there is always google translate.

Bonjour à vous tous,

Notre Grand Ami Jean-Michel, devait, comme à son habitude, venir diner ce samedi soir à la maison. C'était pour nous tous, avec Jean-Luc et Amélie et et aussi pour son père Joseph qui l'accompagnait toujours, un grand moment où l'on écoutait de la musique, ses idées, toujours novatrices, ses pavillons Iwata300, mes amplis à tubes, bref des moments magiques passés ensemble. Il était toujours très heureux à l'idée de nous retrouver autour d'un repas.
Jean-Michel n'a pas résisté à un accident de santé qui l'a emporté en quelques heures. Il retrouvera le chemin de son église de Loctudy mardi 31 décembre à 14H30. J'ai demandé à tenir l'orgue pour que nous puissions l'un et l'autre, une dernière fois écouter de la musique.

Bien cordialement à vous tous.

Google Translate:

Hello to you all,

Our Grand Ami Jean-Michel, was, as usual, come Saturday night dinner at home. It was for all of us, with Jean-Luc and Amélie and also to his father Joseph who always accompanied him, a great time when people listened to music, ideas, always innovative, its Iwata300 flats, my amps tube, brief magical moments spent together. He was always very happy with the idea of finding ourselves with a meal.
Jean-Michel did not survive an accident health won in a few hours. He will find his way to church with Cockles Tuesday, December 31 at 14:30. I asked to keep the organ for us the one and the other one last time listening to music.

Best regards to you all.

There are errors but the basics are there. Accident he did not survive.
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Very Sad news. Very sad.
"un accident de santé" doesn't mean an accident like a car. Might have been a heart attack or a stroke. Don't know. His funeral will be New Year's Eve.

A big loss for the audio community. It will not be the same without him :(
A true guru has left us alone. This man of great generosity, inventiveness, scientific rigor and modesty will miss us.
No doubt his name will remain amongst the leaders in the field of electro-acoustics.
No doubt, we all feel we have lost a friend.
R.I.P. with all the love you deserve Jean Michel.
It saddens me to hear of the recent passing of Jean-Michel Le Cléac'h. Certainly his continued presence will be missed by all here as well as the audio community at large. In my opinion, his “method” is the most significant contribution to horn design made by anyone in recent times.
Very very sorry to hear the news. He was extraordinarily generous with his time and remarkable creativity, and more than happy to share his work with the worldwide DIY community. The AH425 would not exist without the underlying JMLC architecture, and his collaboration with Bjorn Kolbrek and Martin Seddon.

Jean-Michel Le Cléac'h played a significant role introducing horns to the DHT-triode community, and will be missed.
I am not so fast moved by a pass away.

The loss off Jean Michel does move me very very sad.

I just got more ands more inspired by his way of calculating the horn, because it has a very constant acoustic resistance better than all the other ones. It makes me sad I can not ask him background information on this horn topic.

I wish strength to his loved ones in this moment sorrow.

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