RIP Glenn Frey


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2003-07-25 10:44 pm
Yeah, we are at that age now. A few of the wife's friends have departed (48-53 year old range), and then her mother about 3 months ago at 74 plus other relatives in their 60's over the last few years. Friends of friends. Most of it from C. You get to start feeling mighty, mighty mortal after you hit 50. If you get to 70, celebrate and thank the man upstairs - every year after that is a gift.
Yes, all of our Boomer rockers and we Boomers as well are now lining up at the departure gate. This is that one trip where you hope the flight is cancelled, or the plane gets diverted, or it's full and they offer you $400 to take a later flight. Mom is 93 and still kickin' there's hope in that! But there's no one gets out of here alive! RIP Mr. Frey.