Right channel of my AR D52 died?


diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2002-01-19 9:25 am
I obtained this AR D52 used, to act as the high frequency amp in a tri-amp system because I liked how it sounded driving my horns. I have been in the process of gathering the parts for a DIY Aleph to replace the AR. While I have my horn out of the system I have been using a small pr. of Polk monitors for the frequencies above 1200Hz running on the D52.

I leave my system on 24/7, and while I was at work, the right channel of the D52 went south:eek: . This is what I found:

1.) The main in, slow-blow fuse was blown.
2.) Both normal-blow, 4amp rail fuses for the right channel were blown.
3.) The voice coil of the Polk woofer was toast (And I didn't even get a chance to hear it go:mad: ).
4.) Inside the D52, at the base of the right channel power supply caps, was some clear viscous liquid.
5.) There didn't appear to be anything burnt or melted inside the amp.

I think I would like to rebuild this amp and upgrade it in the process. But since I don't have much experience at SS power amp failures, I was hoping to get some opinions on the failure mode given the results above.:confused:

Your opinions on any part of the above are welcome.

Rodd Yamashita