Rewiring Grado SR60 phones (and some tiny Mics too)


I need some help on rewiring my Grado SR-60 headphones. The reason I am doing this is because I have some very small "Low-Cost Binaural" microphones from mounted on the poles on the headphones' headband.

I want to combine this mess of bulky wires into just one integrated and compact assembly, leading from only one ear of my headphones to the tiny (mini)DISC recorder.

What kind of wire should I use (for both the headphones and the mics)? I am thinking about using 30g 99.999% silver wire or 6N copper magnet wire for both the mics and headphones, because I have heard a lot of praise from people using this kind of wire for interconnects (and its real cheap). However, Im not sure of what type of wire is normally used with these mics and headphones, or if my choice of wire is good. Recommendations?

(I guess I need something that is durable* and flexible, not prone to damage via kinkingf, maybe rubber coated or something...)

In any event, I hope to end up with headphones and mics that sound at least as good as original, if not better, and no tangly cable mess, so I can be more like James Bond, instead of Gilligan from Gilligan Island.

I need advice on:

a) How to best make the connection between the snipped off lead wires of the mics and headphones to the new wires, for audiophile grade connections? (solder, crimp, etc.?)

b) What types of insulation is traditionally needed to cover microphone and headphone wires? (not the outer jacketing)

c) What type of insulation is necessary between each of the wires (2 for mics and 2 for phones), within the bulk assembly Im making?

c) Should braid the lines?

I appreciate any help, and I'll tell you about how it goes. They are pretty nifty and stealth like this, combined with MD recorder. It looks like Im just wearing headhones when recording, and it offers realtime monitoring of the recording signal. But alas, all this bulky wire is drivng me nuts.

Thank you,