Rewire Akito

I use a Linn Axis/Akito with an old Karma.

I am looking at upgrading the tone arm wiring with CARDAS- 64312 (4 wires with screen) from parts connexion.
I am pondering what will be the best solution. Rewire sections of the arm (headshell, internal and perhaps external) leaving the connections standard, or rewiring with one length of cardas from cartridge clips to RCAs. I would make something to close the hole at the fron of the arm tube (a lump of amalgamating rubber tape probably) and a teflon rod with a hole to fit into the arm base with a little crazy glue or a few wraps of the amalgamiting rubber tape for a press fit into the teflon.

I will either use a Denon 103 or Ortofon Rondo Red cartridge in the future into my Electrocompaniet ECP1. (All low output MC)

Do I need to worry about the possibly higher resistance of the single wire arrangement? Will eliminating 3 joints be worth the possibly added resistance?

Anyone rewired an Akito I? Results?

Any opinions and experiences very welcome.
Thanks, I will be careful.

There was a description by a German fellow on how he did the Akito rewire with the fish wire method on AA. I have this filed somewhere. According to this the earth wire is attached at the insert at the headshell/front of tube which comes loose with one little bolt. From his detailed description I believe the rewire is within my basic capabilities......